Seeking Empire | “Fairytale” Soundcheck In Studio Session with Aaron Axelsen LIVE 105

Reflections of streetlight and bored traffic signals were the only things living on the empty streets outside the radio station.  The bums must have found a warmer doorway away from Battery and  Broadway. The weight of my gear and the walk to the studio was comforting but when you’re waiting outside in cold like this, everyone’s a smoker. Nikki rolled up to the curb soon enough with Phil. Guitar case and camera  in-hand, the three of us checked past the old Filipino security guard and went upstairs.


Directed and Edited by Aja Pop
Band Official:

SEEKING EMPIRE is: Nikki Aclaro, Alan Kao, Phil Pristia, Paul Thomas
and Cary LaScala

Starring: Seeking Empire, Jessica Bystry, Anthony Kane

Director of Photography – Matthew Abaya, Aja Pop
1st AD – Choncy Shu, Lizzie Cuevas
Lighting – Lion Bellamy Chiu
Key Grip – AJ Ibanez
Production Assistant: Jessica Hook, Diano Mulimbayan, Eugene Ibañez

Hair and Makeup – Veronica Sjoen, Monica Bolyard, Sanaz Azad
Styling – Tietjen Fischer –, Joy Fan –

Nikki’s dress by Marilyn Yu – Plutonium Clothing –

Special Thanks: Adam Andreini, Maggie Blane, Ralph Blas, Leo Guzman, Patrick Khoumphonh, Patrick Murasaki

Aja here from AJAPOPFILMS and director of “Caving In” by Seeking Empire – here I wanted to share some behind the scenes treats from the video shoot because bringing you closer and deeper is all a part of what AJAPOPFILMS is about. It started when Alan and Nikki from Mud approached me in December. They they just started recording an EP for the new project with Phil and Paul. The band needed a video to launch in support of it and were shopping for directors. I worked on some video and photo material with Mud before and myself being a fan of their bands, we clicked. We had a few meetings and afterwards developed treatments and collected locations that fit the Seeking Empire style. So “‘Caving In’ is a freight train of time rumbling through bedrooms and streetlight.” That was the logline or theme that we were working with. The end piece came out to be raw, evocative, honest, moody – all with a glimpse of hope. I’m pretty happy with how everything turned out and myself and the band are very proud to share it you guys. It was awesome working and evolving with a talented team that helped bring it to life along the way. I just want to say thank you to everyone who was part of this video. Big thanks to my go-to guy and Director of Photography Matt Abaya and my brother AJ, the universal Grip, who also does my sound editing for my projects. You’ve probably seen the in-studio AJAPOPFILMS and Seeking Empire videos floating around the past few months while the band recording their EP and I’m glad you’ve all been enjoying them. Trust me there’s more to come. This is the first official AJAPOPFILMS music video. Don’t forget to keep up with us for more.

Peace, Love


Fans of Jimmy Century | Va Va Voom

FOJC playing LIVE at the 34th Haight-Ashbury Street Fair. This was an AMAZING SHOOT. I love working with FOJC. Alicia, Victor, Allen, the dancers – all so ferocious. I wish I could have made this an hour long movie. Hopefully we’ll get them uploaded and shared. I hope you guys have added me to the facebooks. We’re still getting offers on new projects and your brand or whatever is more than welcome to inquire.

Va Va Voom!


[VIDEOS] PulsewaveSF | Bit Shifter + Awkward Terrible

Video update from last week’s PulsewaveSF event. Song: “Easy Prey” The hard-hitting Bit Shifter from Brooklyn, NY comes to the West Coast to headline the very first PulsewaveSF in San Francisco, CA.

Post-punk Chiptune rebels Awkward Terrible (Milwaukee, WI). Using Game Boy sequencing and synth, they perform their unreleased track, “Nicholas D Wolfwood”.


[Video] The Glowing Stars – Live in San Francisco

Things are getting nice and busy at ajapopfilms. New bands including more Seeking Empire videos are coming and I’m gonna be working a party again soon. I can’t wait to shoot all you sexy people.

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The Glowing Stars are a joy to work with. For those of you who missed their debut show at the DNA Lounge, ajapopfilms captured and delivered for you to peep. No band I’ve documented has ever moved so fast to compel such an audience. Big BIG love for TGS! Here’s the ajapop-exclusive video.

The megamixed track is brought to you by my brother AJ at Mr. Soup Studios. With him we brought together the megamix of tracks so you could enjoy their full live experience in a little over 2:30 mins. 🙂