[Preview] “Caving In”

I thought it would be nice to add some more color here. Currently working on live event photos and videos from the weekend so those should be coming up soon. Also, an AJAPOPFILMS video with Beta State vs. Seeking Empire is sitting in a timeline. Check out Beta State out at Bottom of the Hill in San Francisco next week 9.15.11! Myself and the SE crew should be there.

Are you ready, world? “Caving In” has been in production for some time. We are very proud to premiere it next Wednesday 9.14.11. Catch it here at AJAPOPFILMS HQ or at Seeking Empire’s YouTube channel http://www.youtube.com/seekingempire.

See you next week!



In early September, I was still putting the final touches of Seeking Empire “Caving In” onto the timeline when I was approached by MYX.tv to cover Steve Aoki’s IDENTITY FEST music tour. It was great time and was glad to have AJAPOPFILMS contribute to the Asian-American community.

The following is my unrated report:

It felt like KasKade tore through the Shoreline Amphitheater main stage tent this summer night. In the haze of sweat and body heat you felt the thousands of house music fans, ravers and hipsters dancing as one with you under the Mountain View stars. The bold beats and climaxing crescendos kidnapped your cognitive functions and moving your body was a small ransom to give to get back your control. You are mesmerized by lights and shapes bursting from the stage sometimes reading “Be Still” and “Show Me Love” – you start to feel what all that PLUR shit is all about.

In the sunshine not too long ago the Ultra Records hero was joined by legendary Dim Mak fearless leader Steve Aoki for a surprise tag-team DJ set at the smaller Advent stage. Expressions drawn by the music electrified the crowd which was upon the toes of jubilation and unbridled mayhem. People upon people crowded the small lawn to grab a piece of the moment. Hands, tits and legs were flying through the waning sun dancing with KasKade and Aoki. Through my shades and camera lens the only thing my eyes could register was punlsing skin tones and naked flesh until it was broken by the green of a tree. An emotionally charged crowd praised the duo as they flew 10 feet over greasy Shoreline staff into the loving arms of their audience. Still hungry, they leaped with only faith in hand from the stage twice more to embrace the accepting hands of the fans which have come to celebrate their music. The only God praised here was the 4/4 beat. As the tempo expired, Steve Aoki introduced Astralwerks sweethearts Nervo onto the decks and continued the worship-service.

Identity Festival is a national touring cathedral of the hottest electronic artists and DJs from the worlds of house, electro, dub and techno. Of the many acts this day, Nero, Pretty Lights and The Crystal Method also performed.

You can find the FULL SET of IDENTITY FEST 2011 | Shoreline Amphitheater here on FLICKR:













Fans of Jimmy Century | Va Va Voom

FOJC playing LIVE at the 34th Haight-Ashbury Street Fair. This was an AMAZING SHOOT. I love working with FOJC. Alicia, Victor, Allen, the dancers – all so ferocious. I wish I could have made this an hour long movie. Hopefully we’ll get them uploaded and shared. I hope you guys have added me to the facebooks. We’re still getting offers on new projects and your brand or whatever is more than welcome to inquire.

Va Va Voom!


[VIDEOS] PulsewaveSF | Bit Shifter + Awkward Terrible

Video update from last week’s PulsewaveSF event.

http://www.bit.shifter.net/ Song: “Easy Prey” The hard-hitting Bit Shifter from Brooklyn, NY comes to the West Coast to headline the very first PulsewaveSF in San Francisco, CA.

Post-punk Chiptune rebels Awkward Terrible (Milwaukee, WI). Using Game Boy sequencing and synth, they perform their unreleased track, “Nicholas D Wolfwood”.


Fans of Jimmy Century | Electronic Dancerock Hustlers

We bring you the live video for Fans of Jimmy Century. Electro-disco music with dancing and a monster light show. Things are hot right now as they’ve got another produced music video on the way from director Billy Clift (its really good). Their tracks have been in all kinda of media like a threesome scene in the L Word. I’ve met these guys with Nikki a while back at the Uptown in Oakland-one of my favorite venues in the East Bay. The music was disco as fu__ and it left me speechless, utterly UTTERLY. It was my mission from all my female popstar homies to share them to the world. They’re debuting a brand new show at the Haight St. Fair June 12th. Hot. Steamy. Summer. Love.


[Video] The Glowing Stars – Live in San Francisco

Things are getting nice and busy at ajapopfilms. New bands including more Seeking Empire videos are coming and I’m gonna be working a party again soon. I can’t wait to shoot all you sexy people.

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The Glowing Stars are a joy to work with. For those of you who missed their debut show at the DNA Lounge, ajapopfilms captured and delivered for you to peep. No band I’ve documented has ever moved so fast to compel such an audience. Big BIG love for TGS! Here’s the ajapop-exclusive video.

The megamixed track is brought to you by my brother AJ at Mr. Soup Studios. With him we brought together the megamix of tracks so you could enjoy their full live experience in a little over 2:30 mins. 🙂