I found myself in a dark place these past few days and the only thing that brought out of it was the desire to create something, anything. It only felt natural to beg my dear friend Matt to take me somewhere that shoots well and let me borrow his tripod. He drove us to the Bay Bridge. Along the way I tried to explain why I felt like a goner. It never really translates the way it does in your own head so I choose to show rather than tell. Bless his squishy sprocket heart. We get the the awe-inspiring light display set up on the West side of the bridge. Lovers, locals, and tourists speckle the EMB. Swishers perfume the bay breezy air and me and Matt get to work getting the new Bay Bridge Screensaver in the camera. Its Saturday night still and the attendance is thin. Its a nice enough evening and secular enough for families to come by. I enjoyed sharing their :D’s but it didn’t make much for good video (at least for me). It wasn’t raining thankfully like it did opening night for this thing. Some brohos come up to me and ask to get their picture taken together. “Can you take our picture dog?” coming from my right ear. “Fuck yeah I can!” as I take dude’s phone. They huddle next to eachother in front of the light show throwing up gang signs (it wasn’t “V” for victory I’m sure) “Aww, you guys are cute!” I tell them. These white boys were wearing some kind of matching hoodies and beanies. “NAH its not like that! We ain’t a couple. This my nigga dog!” I fuck around with them a little more cause clueless straight boys are just so much more fun. I take a damn fine iPhone picture and send them on their way. They’re happy, I’m happy. The older couple a few feet away from us were laughing. It was a good SF night. We try to capture some candids after getting Bridge shots but the only people left on the EMB were shy hobbyist camera people. We got something out of these dudes and chick doing a music video. I added him on the twitters so he better reverse stalk me. Later we meet up with my main girl Nikki Empire (wassup!) coming out from work. Its already some weird hour past midnight. I love how she’s down for adventure and she makes the best model for anything. Her, Matt and I figure out what Daylight saving means this hour of the year. Matt got a ticket for street cleaning, of course (and I’m paying for it). I’m just glad I made something for me most of all. Not for any (of my beautiful, wonderful, and attractive) clients but me for me. I like the song, I like my friends for helping me and I like that damn bridge for being so full of beautifully programmed, low energy consuming light. Gosh, this is what happens when I make things!

There is a part 2 planned. I hope it works out for us.

Sequence 02.Still001

Seeking Empire | “Fairytale” Soundcheck In Studio Session with Aaron Axelsen LIVE 105

Reflections of streetlight and bored traffic signals were the only things living on the empty streets outside the radio station.  The bums must have found a warmer doorway away from Battery and  Broadway. The weight of my gear and the walk to the studio was comforting but when you’re waiting outside in cold like this, everyone’s a smoker. Nikki rolled up to the curb soon enough with Phil. Guitar case and camera  in-hand, the three of us checked past the old Filipino security guard and went upstairs.

Fans of Jimmy Century | MR. LAS VEGAS – Live Promo

Recent transplants to Las Vegas, FOJC came to me asking to edit a promotional video featuring their dazzling live performance and match the fire and spectacle of their new home. This was filmed in part by myself and the fabulous local Crew 152 mastered by Laurence Iriarte. The stage is really another world common people can only reach out to touch but Fans of Jimmy Century take it in their hands and deliver it right to you in a truly entertaining fashion.