A new full production music video is coming soon. I’ve shot some gun action I’ve been spending most of my weekends and nights filming and editing SF nightlife. Take this more of a social documentary of the effects of alcohol mixed with pure joy and oblivion. I’m not saying everyone here is drunk….but most of the time they seem to be happy to see me. Bars and clubs also do business by selling drea- I mean, booze. In this experience I’ve also learned there’s good middle fingers and bad middle fingers. There’s a few appropriate uses of such in newest video from Switch. Its probably the only video context I’d let pass to be viewed. You have to be pretty good at reading the look of a girl’s face when you ask her to be in a video. A supersympathetic nerve just has to grow on you in the few frames when you ask a girl to dance and smile for a complete stranger and film her grinding up on her best friend (looking at the camera, smile intact). In that moment I could usually tell if its gonna be good content or not. I always ask permission before filming someone nowadays. I learned the footage looks better and eye contact engages the viewer more. Otherwise you are some amateur street photographer sniping at pretty girls’ booty. No thanks, blood. Also, edit your shit.

Check out what happens when people play for the camera.




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