UPDATE: AJAPOPFILMS takes Director of Photography role for action-horror feature film Vampariah currently in production; AJAPOPFILMS vs. Las Vegas

Hello friends,

Its as if the turning of the clock to 2012 was the go signal for myself and all things production wise. We have a a lot of big projects in the timeline including pre-production on a new music video for alt-rockers Seeking Empire and editing a next-level videosong from chiptune renegades Awkward Terrible and The Glowing Stars for their split EP.

In between editing sessions I’ve been on set as Director of Photography for action-horror feature Vampariah written and directed by Matthew Abaya. We’ve worked on projects together in the past and with our creative powers combined we’ll make a rockstar vampire movie to rival them all. This guy also funded a part of the film with a Kickstarter campaign which is pretty awesome. I’m glad to see we’ve got a supportive community behind this vision and I know our picture will get some miles.

So far so good on set. My first day on a feature film was with 50 extras was for a huge goth-fetish club scene. It kinda knocked me around working with extra crew. I’m used to having myself and maybe one or two extra crew people with me to shoot a music video and I’m usually solo when shooting live video.  Once I get behind the camera though it all gels over pretty quick and shooting goes smoothly. We probably have the best crew ever and I’ve grown to love my camera and lighting peeps. I can’t show you what was in the viewfinder yet but I’ll share some production stills courtesy of our crew’s cell phones from various days.

Also, watch this.




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