AJAPOPFILMS is at the HQ Putting the sweet patented sauce on Seeking Emprie‘s debut music video. Keep abreast for that AND a special rare live performance 8.27.11 at Bottom of the Hill. Its a Saturday night. Do not miss it. It will be hella meta. Remember last time? it was sold out and we expect a repeat. Check out the video-flyer we released.

When AJAPOPFILMS is not making videos we also enjoy shooting photos of the local bands here in the Bay Area. Nikki and Alan from Seeking Empire, myself along with Leo from Those Charming Crooks visited brand new venue Club Retro-SF to see Fighting the Villain and our longtime dear friends Disgust of Us (YOU MUST LISTEN TO THEM, TRUST ME. CLICK IT). Honestly the venue was huge surprise. Its basically a gigantic multi-storied warehouse in a primo downtown San Francisco location. Not at all far from the BART. From the bands hosted and venue its kinda like 924 Gilman and the Oakland Metro got together, grew up and had a baby, raised it in San Ramon then the kid left to find itself in the City but still calls home and has dinner there every Friday – not sure if that made sense, but if you did, ;). Its new and never been done before and I hope it launches well. Its also great to hear new sounds in the SF clubs. Here’s some photos. You can catch the full set on the Flickers HERE OW!

Disgust of Us
Fighting the Villain
The Light Iris

Thanks for reading. Ajapop will now go back to clicking and scrubbing tirelessly. I’ve seriously developed quite the trigger finger with all this editing and sore thumbs from tweeting and mobile facebooking. Keep track of AJAPOPFILMS there. We’ll watch you later.



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