[PHOTOS] PulsewaveSF | DNA Lounge 2011.7.7

PulsewaveSF is a collaboration of efforts between the original Pulsewave in NYC and 8bitSF to bring their audience the best in chipmusic today. I like to call it “bleepy-bloops vid-game music with GameBoys and Nintendos sounds” and they do bleepy-bloops real good! These shows are great to shoot and I LOVE the DNA Lounge so I got together with my good friends and shot the hell out of it again. Some highlights of the show are below. Here’s the full set: Flickr for AJAPOPFILMS.

Video coming soon!

The Glowing Stars being boss and laying waste to all kinds of 8-bit enemy sprites
Awkward Terrible all the way from, Milwaukee, WI.
Doctor Popular and MC Frontalot
Bleepy-bloops make great dance musics!
Crashfaster brings the biggest boldest chip-music from the four corners of the abyss

Cat-girl and luchadore-girl. 'Heard was a giraffe-girl somewhere but I couldn't find her. You'd think something like that would be easy to spot.

Bit Shifter from Brooklyn, NY closed the night in true chip disco fist-pumping action.

When not working on photos, AJAPOPFLMS is working on new videos to debut. Keep in touch on facebook and twitter for updates my darlings.


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