[PHOTOS + VIDEO] Quest Coast Tour Impressions by AJAPOPFILMS

So, its been a week and some days since coming back from tour with The Glowing Stars and Crashfaster and its been non-stop photo and video editing since then. I’m really proud to have contributed some exclusive bonus video content to their wickedly cool re-purposed and reusable Game Boy cart EP Anything Past That which is released today. I think all the pre-sale Game Boy carts are sold out but they might have some at their show tonight at the DNA Lounge. Download at http://theglowingstars.bandcamp.com/

Watching these videos so far and logging them for hours takes me back to when the tour-Suburban was hot and flesh stuck to vinyl. Comforting air swept in and out of hand-cranked windows. Truly special and unique moments existed outside of iPhone addictions. There was a whole lot of cursing and laughter caught on camera to re-live forever in the streams. The allure of the open road and new strange characters was too much of a romance to let go and I’ve been hungry for more ever since. Cities other than my own became cramped and stale and if only for a week I could dive into a different paradigm even a few degrees off from San Francisco to breathe different air it would be an awakening new and refreshing exhale. Or, I just need to go on more vacations.

The first sight of Portland.

Somewhere on the I-5

After the Glowing Stars recorded a Jonathan Mann songaday song. We’re treated to a special acoustic version of Got it Bad.

Quest Coast Tour posse in downtown Seattle. Matt + Lizzie of The Glowing Stars, Morgan – crashfaster and AJAPOPFILMS

Seattle – Lizzie cut her finger and bled all over her fuckin’ guitar.

Basement show in Portland. One of the best nights ever.

Mariel fr. Portland.

Not sure what state this was.

This small adventure was a quest in itself. One of the many I have taken part and the a precursor of more to come. A very special thank you to the Quest Coast posse for having me on tour. There will be more content coming from AJAPOPFILMS so watch out!


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