[Video] The Glowing Stars – Live in San Francisco

Things are getting nice and busy at ajapopfilms. New bands including more Seeking Empire videos are coming and I’m gonna be working a party again soon. I can’t wait to shoot all you sexy people.

Be sure to fan AJAPOPFILMS on the facebooks and follow me on the twitters kids for updates on all kinds of fun.

The Glowing Stars are a joy to work with. For those of you who missed their debut show at the DNA Lounge, ajapopfilms captured and delivered for you to peep. No band I’ve documented has ever moved so fast to compel such an audience. Big BIG love for TGS! Here’s the ajapop-exclusive video.

The megamixed track is brought to you by my brother AJ at Mr. Soup Studios. With him we brought together the megamix of tracks so you could enjoy their full live experience in a little over 2:30 mins. 🙂



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