Seeking Empire | Show and Shoot [PHOTOS]

Its a pleasure working with a group of talented and hard working musicians like Seeking Empire. I’m stoked on finally seeing them debut as a live band at Bottom of the Hill January 15th. Its gonna be a hella entertaining night. Everyone should get their faces on and look hot as I’ll be filming of course. Listen to Seeking Empire!

flyer by Erin @ Beautiful Buzzz

Nikki, Phil, Paul and Alan (AK). Photo by Eric Hooten

Please come for my homies Company Car too. Its always a fun seeing these boys rock the stage. Don’t be alarmed to see me dancing when I should be filming. Peeped the opener Please Do Not Fight and they fit the bill wonderfully. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone out. Don’t forget to look hot. HOT!

The music video is coming oh so soon! Here are some more behind the scenes photos from the shoot. Thanks Al!


our stylist Tietjen and MUA Veronica peep them




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